Current Members

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Current members                                                                                                                 

jennypic   Jenny Wang
Staff Biologist / Lab Manager

For any inquiries related to the lab, please call this number:

Jenny is working on cell/mice models and she covers all of the procedures to make this possible.
currentmem4   Mangaiyarkarasi Rajendiran
OSU Post-Doctoral Fellow
Research Statement


Mangai is working on the development of novel hybrid nanoparticles and quantum dots for targeted/image-guided radiosensitization/drug delivery and molecular imaging.


currentmem3 Percy Nebah Forsuh
Graduate Researcher


Percy is working on a novel proton spectrum detection technique using activation and PET detection. He is also working on Prompt gamma detection for proton range verification during  proton therapy

solmaz pic   Solmaz Bastani
Graduate Researcher


Solmaz is working on the doping of radionuclides to hybrid nanoparticles and quantum dots which are luminescence and positron emitting. She is also working on Cherenkov imaging.